This service uses a low moisture Cymex machine. This carpet cleaning process involves breaking down any soils, stains and dirt away from the carpet fibres and encapsulating these particles in a crystallised form, which is then more easily removed by dry vacuuming. This is more commonly used in commercial premises. However, it can be used for domestic application, especially if your house/property has high moisture issues e.g lots of trees around the property or lack of sun to the dwelling.

Dry/Encapsulation cleaning is ideal for commercial situations as it is low moisture cleaning which works well on industrial carpet and because it is left reasonable dry, can be walked on almost straight away.

The products used contain tea tree oil which acts as a natural sanitiser, not to mention a deodoriser as well.

What is involved in Dry Cleaning?

Step 1

Inspect carpets for any stains.

Step 2

Vacuum carpet and treat stains with a spotting agent.

Step 3

Dry clean carpet using the Cymex machine.