As part of the majority of rental agreements, when a tenant vacates a rental property it is required that the carpets are cleaned by a professional. Similarly, if a pet(s) has also been present at the property as part of this same agreement it is required that the property be serviced by a pest management professional for fleas and general pests.

We ensure that we do the best job possible so you have every chance of getting your bond back. For the best cleaning outcomes, we recommend Steam Cleaning.

A flea spray/pest control treatment consists of treating all areas of the home inside and out. This treatment is ideal for both prevention and eradication. Please see more information about our General Pest Control or Flea treatments.

We provide two separate invoices, one for carpet cleaning and one for pest control, as requested by the majority of real estates.

If you are moving out of your rental property and need carpets and pest control/flea treatment done at the same time, we can do packages to suit your situation.