Using a combination of steam/water pressure, high force suction and shampoo products, the Rage Truck Mount heats the water up to 120°C effectively killing bacteria and extracting all dirt and stains leaving your carpet soft and clean. The reason this type of carpet cleaning is called steam cleaning is because of the high level of pressure and heat used with the hot water, thus the machine releases steam during the cleaning process.

So why is this better for your carpet?

There are few reasons why this process is the most effective method for carpet cleaning:

Step 1

As stated, the hot water used acts as a sanitiser, killing bacteria and making the carpet more hygienic.

Step 2

This method leaves less excess moisture on the carpet during and after the cleaning process, than other common methods.

Step 3

Similarly, this method uses extremely hot water which evaporates more quickly from the carpet, producing faster drying times.

These last two points are particularly important as carpet that is left too wet due to poor extraction, increases the risk of mould forming on your carpet. (Please note: While the drying times are faster with this method, it is still important to leave some windows open to help any residual moisture to evaporate).

What is involved in Steam Cleaning?


Step 1

Carpet is inspected upon arrival, checking for stains, wear or moulds.

Step 2

Vacuum all areas of carpet.

Step 3

Treat stains with spotting agent and pre-spray carpet with shampoo (if carpet is extremely dirty or stained, must be agitated with a scrubbing machine first).

Step 4

Steam clean the carpets using Truck mount and carpet cleaning wand (a conditioner is added to the water during steam cleaning to leave carpets soft and to prevent re-soiling.)

Step 5

Carpet is inspected and deodorised.