This service includes stain assessment and treatment, vacuum, full clean (including all cushions and sides) and deodorise. Steam or dry cleaning can be used, depending on the type of fabric. In most cases the Truckmount Steam cleaning machine is used on lounges.

With the aid of extremely hot water and high powered suction dirt and dust is removed from the fabric fibres, along with most stains as well.

What is involved in Upholstery cleaning?

Step 1

Check the lounge suite for any major stains, wear or mildew.

Step 2

Remove all cushions and vacuum individually.

Step 3

Vacuum lounge suite.

Step 4

Cover all of the lounge and cushions evenly with specialised upholstery shampoo.

Step 5

Lightly agitate lounge suite and individual cushions with a special brush. This loosens any dirt so it can be removed more easily.

Step 6

Steam clean every area of the lounge suite and individual cushions (the hot water from the truckmount has a conditioner added to it so the lounge fanric is left soft when it dries).

Step 7

The lounge suite and cushions are deodorised and dried off with clean towels to get rid of any extra moisture.

Lounge suite cleaning can be an involved process to ensure the best possible clean of the Upholstery.